So…. WordPress reaaaaalllly sucks. I have used up all my space so I erased old pics but it still won’t let me add anymore bec they want me to buy something. So last half done post follow Laurie on Facebook for the last bit of our adventure. Thanks!

snorkeling on the great barrier reef


Darwin Cont.

air show on the beach. we borrowed an esky (cooler) from john and he dropped us off just in time to catch the show: the pictures don’t do it justice. they dropped right down to the beach from all angles. you couldn’t hear them coming until they were over head, then a loud boom, and then they were gone in seconds!

sunset after the show

after the show john met us at the markets. really good laksa!

as usual we sought out and found the best hippie food in Darwin

a last minute treat before we left for the airport

the park where we ran most days

john snuck a day off on sunday and we drove to litchfield park with his friend steve

no flips just cannon balls. i’m a one trick pony:)


finally got a picture of john. evidence!:)

and then the crowds showed up. so we made for the next location.

much less crowded with beautiful waterfalls but nothing to jump off of;)

we enjoyed ten wonderful days in Darwin with John. We can’t thank him enough for having us. we hope he and his family will visit us in the states:)

Post hike travels edition 2: Darwin

As if they hadn’t done enough already phil dropped us at the airport and sent us on our way. We can’t thank Su, Phil, Lindsey, and Alana enough. All the rides, places to stay, home cooked meals, and great company made our trip a blast and our hike luxurious.We hope they all will visit us in the states so we can extend the same courtesy.

As you can see the flight options out of Newman are: qantas or virgin to Perth in the morning or qantas or alliance to Perth in the afternoon. So we took a round about trip to Darwin.

Sunset from the plane

Landing in Darwin

While on trail if you recall we met John who is working in Darwin. He graciously offered to put us up if we wanted to see Darwin so we accepted. Trail magic extending beyond the trail. Btw hiking is the best: there is no better place to meet real people who genuinely want to do good, are kind, want to have fun, and would give you the shirt off their backs with no expectations of anything in return. We only hope we can return the kindness if anyone wants to visit the states.

As you can see the accomidations John’s comany provides are pretty awesome. A penthouse suite on the water. We have our own wing with our own living room and bath. Unfortunately John has to work a lot so we only get to see him for a couple hours at night but we are going for a day trip together on Sunday.

our bath

main livingroom


our living room

our bedroom (there is still an empty bedroom)


Starting the day off right

Got my hair did and beard trimmed so I look like a boss.

chillaxing with the local.

Finishing it off at the best restaurant in town.

As you can see the weather is consistently perfect. ( low humidity)

A flashback to the 90’s (the best decade ever in all respects)

To be continued…(we have 7 more days in Darwin!)

Post hike travels edition 1: Albany to Newman 

immediately back on coffee


Su and Phil picked us up in Albany and brought us to stay the night at their friends Andy and Sandrea’s house. Su and Phil are the best trail angels ever!!!

We went to see the natural bridge and blow holes on a stormy windy day. We didn’t get out of the car here bec the waves were crashing over the parking lot and we didn’t want to get soaked.

second trip to the distillery ? Don’t mind if we do!

WWl memorial

catching yabbys for a pre dinner treat

su and phil took us to another friends house (sid) on the way back to Perth. A few friends, fire, and dinner. Just like home. Except we ate kangaroo and lamb.

The next morning we “helped” sid round up some sheep. But really sid and the dogs did all the work

We did hold the puppy in training and the newborn lamb. The most help we really did.

And then we were off again. we had to make our way through the herd on our way out.

Phil and Su showed us the shearing shed at their old farm on our way back.

Quick side trip to Fremantle

Then we were off to see Alana. Phil let me drive for a bit. Shifting with you left hand feels just as wrong as driving on the left side of the road. twice i tried to shift with my right hand but found only the door handle.

On the way up we stopped at a gold mining camp were Phil spends his extra time searching for the “big one” 😉

like i own the place

truck train. i passed one while i was driving. it takes awhile!

This is where we spent the night. we were told there were no more hazardous chemicals stored there. we rolled out our swags and slept great!

Phil showing us how its done. but alas all we dug up was tin. gold prospecting is probably not in our future but we had fun.

oddly enough there is no actual line

Alana grabbing a rebound at netball! a good effort with a third quarter surge, but they lost a player to injury and couldn’t recover. but it looked like everyone had fun.

Alana took us to Karajini park a couple hours outside of Newman.

Easy hiking without a backpack


This swimming hole is epic. We swam and sat on the rocks beneath the waterfalls. It would be even better if it was less accessable. A bus group showed up but everyone was friendly.

Then we hiked mt Newman. a more difficult climb than anything on the Bibb!

Off roading through some water to another swimming hole.

life experience;)

Good rope swing. we worked our way up from swimming across the water, to swinging from ground, to swining from the tree.

Dinner out for our last night in Newman. Alana lookes like an upset teenager sitting with her dad, but i swear she was having fun;)

Denmark to Albany

This post is a jumbled mess. The site just put pics everywhere out of order. My apologies.

We Did It!!! You have to stand on something!

typical masons finding a good use for their empty liqour bottles.

this is a replica of the ship that started the first settlement in this area. it explains how it ” changed ” the way of life for the native people.

darth vader helmet building

getting sauced 6k before our finish! just loosening the joints;)

to cap off our already blessed hike, a final epic rainbow on our last morning!

only snake i saw on the track, though dory saw one small dugite for a second.

picking steps through a roo carcas and guts

let me in!!!

last leg celebration

two weeks earlier this was all waist deep water, we just had to trudge through foot thick grass it left behind.

caged end to ender

Walpole to Denmark

i can’t believe these trees are still alive!

this was an awesome shelter on a river with a huge porch with decked floor

the tree walk was cool somehow i thought the bridges would be attached to the trees but they are not. they are connected by platforms on huge poles and the walkway is nice and bouncey

hippie in the trees

from up in the trees back to the beaches

this is Rame Head shelter, the best so far. great ocean views, nice layout, and lots of clothes pins. there was a storm that night with really high winds it felt as if the roof would blow off but it never budged. the wind was blowing the rain so hard that it was coming up inbetween the siding!

sunrise at Rame Head

whale jaw bone! so huge!

the fish and chips at Peaceful Bay were awesome. its off season and the guy working caught the fish, took our order, cooked our food, and booked the campsite. he also sold us our resupply.

on the way up to an overlook at peaceful bay there was an area where a local artist made art fron trash from the dump he worked at and from things found on the beach.

the caretakers were also artists who made things from found objects.

though the caravan park only had campsites, they let us stay in this deluxe shelter! newly seperated caravan from building made for nice views of the river but also made it a bit drafty. but the bed was comfy.

our first inlet crossing had provided canoes but max load wouldn’t allow for us and our packs so we went across without our packs, then i went back and got them

as soon as i backed out of here two waves rolled over the back of the canoe and down my shorts:(

the winds really picked up on my way back and i was able to make it across but had to walk the canoe up the coast.

after the inlet crossing we walked through these rolling meadows and in one wind protected valley we saw over 40 roos sunning themselves

whale vertibre

boat harbor shelter was also really nice but no views from the shelter itself because it was set in a valley

after we crossed our second inlet which was deemed “unpassable” by dpaw but actually was a twenty foot knee high wade through slow moving water we saw an incredible rainbow on our never ending 7k beach walk.

another incredible rainbow which ended about 10 meters from us! we had 5 sraight days with rainbows including one day with seven rainbows!

arriving in Denmark

awesome first meal at the Raven cafe.

we stayed at the Blue Ren Hostel which was very nice with helpful friendly staff. then a nights rest and we are off to Albany and the southern terminus!!!